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Latest update:  29 March 2022 

  • Safe distancing of at least 1 metre between groups of up to 10 participants is required for all mask-off settings.

  • Mask wearing remains mandatory indoors, but not in outdoor settings[1] or where allowed at law (e.g. when engaging in eating, drinking, etc.).

  • Live performances will be permitted.

For more updated advisory for safe management measures at

food & beverage establishments please click the 'download' button

Safety Protocols inside the venue 
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout our venues. 

  • Wear a face mask at all times indoors and when possible outdoors.

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and recover. We will see you soon!

  • Observe and comply with signage and mandatory regulations posted throughout the venue. 

  • Please practice social distancing, and do not intermingle with other groups. 

  • 10 pax per table is the maximum allowed. 

  • Do your part as a good citizen and practice good hygiene 

  • For any additional questions please email

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